Intranet Monitoring : They Can Talk

Product code: TCK

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Common Features For All Monitoring Systems

  • Remote monitoring via Suntellite Portal
  • A variety of communication methods available, including Ethernet, WiFi, and 3G
  • Quick installation and easy operation with “Plug & Play” function
  • Storage of over 25 years
  • Graphical display of PV system data on Suntellite Portal
  • Operation failures can be detected rapidly and transmitted via email or SMS
  • Report of collected data and performance can be sent via email regularly Free standard access to Suntellite Portal for the entire service life of the PV system



  1. 1. You install the X app onto your mobile devices.
  2. 2. Operating within a 50 meter radius, the X app will then search and connect to the X inverter.
  3. 3. Once connected you can then easily monitor the inverter data via our X app and your mobile device.




Inverter ModelZDNY-WE01-D
Max. number of inverters 1-64
Inverter communication RS485/422/232
Remote communication WIFI(802.11b/g/n)Ethernet
Max. communication range <1km
Data collection intervals 5 minutes(Default)/1-15 minutes(Optional)
Memory SD Card/EEPROM(Optional)