SolaX Power—Top Ten Inverter Companies in China

At 23:59 on December 31st, 2013, the selection activity of “Year 2013 ‘Polaris Cup’ of Top Ten Inverter Companies” Which lasted 15 days, and the contest officially came to an end. SolaX Power Co., Ltd is one of the Top Ten Inverter Companies. This selection activity was held by “Polaris Solar Photovoltaic network and Polaris Electricity Power network” , was ably supported by the “China Energy News”, “Energy magazine”, China Electric Power News”, “China Economic News”, “China Industry News”, “Electromechanical Daily” , “China Electrical Industry “,” Sichuan Daily “,” Sohu” (green), “China Energy Network”, more than twenty medias participation. According to Polaris Solar Photovoltaic statistics, it shows that the selection has received registrations for more than 1,500 companies participating in this activity, mainly come from Huaneng, Datang, Huadian, Guodian, China Power Investment, China Resources, Guohua, SDIC, China Guangdong Nuclear Power, State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Company, Inner Mongolia Electric Power Company, the Local Power Company, PV Power Plant EPC Business, the PV Industry chain upstream and downstream enterprises, and the total network voting number is over 120,000.