Self-cleaning Modules

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It is also named hydrophobicity of glass. This performance is the most important indexes to measured self-cleaning glass. Ordinary glass contact with water, glass is easily attached to water, and water is not easy to fall down. When the water is drying process, glass is easy to adsorb the dust in the air, and then to form water mark. After a considerable period of time, the glass surface can form fouling and the pollution. High transparent self-cleaning glass contact with water, the water is not easy to stop on the glass surface, so for the gravity the water quickly slide from glass surface with dust and dirt. At the same time, the glass surface has not any water mark, it is very clean.
  • High thermal stability: resistance to 200 Temperature does not destroy;
  • It can be effectively shielded infrared and ultraviolet light. It can improve the modules service life and reduce the rate of aging.
  • To improve modules power components. For example, it can help 185W modules to improve power output about 3W (usually with modules layout design).
  380~780mm 350~1800mm
Thickness Visible light transmittance ratio Visible light reflective ratio Solar direct transmittance ratio Solar direct reflective ratio
3.2 >93% 5.3% 94% 5.4%