Kuala Lumpur,

Today at IGEM fair in Malaysia we met Mr. Artur Dabkowsky – Head of the Trade and Investment promotion office Poland .

Trade and Investment Promotion Sections of Polish Embassies and Consulates were created to help Polish businesses to internationalise, particularly SMEs. The mission is not only to help Polish companies but, also, to assist foreign businesses looking to buy goods and services in Poland or locate their activity in our country. With offices around the world they are equally sensitive to the needs and requests of Polish as well as foreign businesses.

This government organization represents the Ministery of Economy of Poland in foreign countries, with the purpose of promoting Polish companies and products.


Mr. Dabkowsky why you chose IGEM and Malaysia for showing your organization?

 “Malaysia is a potential Market for Polish companies, I've been here from the very begin of this fair and what I can say this edition is really smaller than first but still interesting for us”


For this edition the Organization is showing a new product : A brand new Biogas Generator , and others established products of other two companies .


Neon : The primary product made by the company is the neosol 250 solar panel. It is differentiated by its meandering excharger, allowing the panel to achieve higher performance than competing products. (www.neon.net.pl)


Watt : This company produces flat solar collectors with the main products named WATT 4000 S and SU. One of the most important systems developed using WATT 4000 S has been the installation of 320 solar panels on the roofs of the Independent Public Health Care Centres in Wlodawa. ( www.watt.pl )





The last question: Why Malaysia still important for your organization?

 “ Malaysia is the second biggest market for products from Poland in Asia. So, we wanna maintain our strategic presence in this country.”