Kuala Lumpur,

Today at IGEM fair in Malaysia we met Mr. Abdul Baseer – Chief Executive – at AHZ ENTERPRISES (PRIVATE) LIMITED, Global Eco Innovation Sdn Bhd.


Global Eco Innovation is a Company committed the promorion of natural fibres fusing hessian and cotton and others natural fibres to develop home textiles.


One of ours main innovations is be able to obtain natural products with specific needs such as; UV Stabilized, Fire Retardant , Stain Repellent, Antibacterial and more” Mr. Bashir says us. “Using our products you will able to reduce the energy consumption up to 10% just because of the natural transpiration in the summer and in winter naturally your heating is improved”.


The product range is wide – from fiber to fabric and value added home textile products like rugs and blinds. Hessian fibre is a green fibre which acts naturally as an insulator and provide moisture control, its applications are multifold.

They have a dynamic qualified team of professional which includes designer, weaver, products development experts. There is a fully equipped factory which works under the supervision of the Supply chain Head. There are long term plan in place for the education of the labour force as well and also the concepts of Community & Fair Trade have been inculcated within the Company.

So, we can say, they don't only produces green products they have also a “green behavior” .


What we can present at IGEM is our last innovation, combine UV Stabilized, Fire Retardant , Stain Repellent, Antibacterial for school or hospitals products”.

I'm the 5th generation of my family and this products comes from the past for be an innovation for the future, we're looking for partners in Italy for import our natural products in a market that will surely appreciate it”


Sometimes we have to look back in the past for see the innovations for the future.

For more info: www.ahzgreen.comwww.globalecoinnovation.net